Enhancing the visibility of U.S. Latinx art and artists

Latinx Art Sessions is a two-day program (January 24-25, 2019) co-presented by ArtCenter/South Florida and Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) exploring Latinx identity in contemporary art.

A recent and contested term, Latinx was initially introduced to subvert the gender binary of the Spanish language, as an alternative to the term Latino/a/@. Within the visual arts, Latinx reconsiders artists of Latin American descent whose practice is informed by a lived U.S. experience. This term encompasses a heterogeneous group of artists who often portray notions of multilingualism, creolization, and migration and whose work illustrate shifting identities rooted in multiple cultural locations.

The term Latinx often attracts its own share of healthy criticisms and controversies about stakeholders and the emergence of dominant discourses. These blurry definitions, questions, and critiques point to a discussion still in formation. Through a series of public programs Latinx Sessions is a call to action for heightened visibility, solidarity, and access to mobility within the field.  In these sessions, Latinx is an expansive framework, emerging out of a long-standing history of artistic contributions in the U.S.  As such, we can think of Latinx art as a future-oriented conversation establishing the terms of its own visual language now.

This program is organized by Maria Elena Ortiz Associate Curator, PAMM, Naiomy Guerrero, DAMLI Curatorial Fellow, PAMM, and Natalia Zuluaga, Director, [NAME] Publications.

To RSVP please click each RSVP link next to panelist information.

If you have any questions please contact education@pamm.org.

Photo: Morel Doucet, The Brown Menagerie, 2015. Glaze Ceramic & Aerosol Paint. 10 in X 6 in X 15 in. Photo by David Gary Lloyd.

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